The man that walked – Spoken word

There was a man


A man that walked

He walked and didn’t slow

So very curious

So very serious

He walked so straight a road


There was a road

The road he walked

Partly dusty partly cold

So very worn out

So very sold out

The road that the man owed.


This man was plainly dressed

A coat a shirt

A top hat so bold

Pants to match

Shoes that scratched

As the tall man walked his road


There was no time

No stopping no sighing

The passers by all stared

Some wondered

Some pondered

But onwards his journey he bared


There were his prints

Some deep and cut

Some hardly met the mud

His walk had pain

His walk was stained

Yet on and on he trud


The road got wet

The road did sweat

Many a man it bore

It didn’t judge

It didn’t budge

The road had his man aboard


The man got surer of his way

Speeding and slowing his pace

His walk had heart

His walk was art

A story being weaved in his ways


There was a coat

The coat he wore

Such deep pockets it had

Full of memory

Full of Treasury

But walking was all he planned


There was a place

The place he desired

Did he know where it was

A road does bend

A road must end

His trust was in his walk


There was Me

There was him

I couldn’t see his face

So very curious

So very serious

I was walking his walk in his grace


There were seasons

Seasons with Suns

All came and bid farewell

No more wonder

No more questions

We were together in this walk of hell


There was a step

And the step had another

As we struggled to keep up the wind

Our feet weary

Our time dreary

The walk was finding its end


There was desire

Before the fire

Would blow out, I needed to know

Our last step

Our last breath and

Our eyes finally met.


The man was me

I was the man

Who walked the road and why.

The road was dear

Never really clear

But I never saw myself and I.


There was the road

The same old road

Leading more to where they choose

Some walk with love

Most walk to walk

But few will see the views.


There was a man

A man that walked

This so directional man

So very curious

So very serious

Will you recognize him in time if you can.



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