Lot of Noise

A lot of people are making a lot of noise.

They are talking about the message from beyond. There has been a message from the beyond that some people claim is from God. Some people refuse to believe in it and ignore it. Some people fight with the people that believe that the words are from God. Some people are trying to find the real meaning behind these words. They are listening at the wall. The wall from behind which the said words are coming from. Each of these listeners has an ear piece that they are holding upto the wall. Listening hard and fast trying to understand what these words are. Some listeners are able to hear some words or so they think and they start sharing these words with other non listeners. Some non listeners become believers in some listeners. Some listeners become bigger preachers and share more of the words that they hear from beyond the wall. Fights have begin between believers, non believers and even between different listeners and their followers.

A little boy crawls to the wall below the feet of the listeners and finds a crack in the wall. He looks through the crack and sees –

A lot of people making a lot of noise.

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