Not the same pool of wine – Poem

Look around
It’s not all dark if I try
What I thought was all black
Now the grey starts to pry
My eyes adjust
As silhouettes define
There are others out here
Are they also trying?
I can only see
through the holes in my head
But what I thought was all black
Is now grey, blue and red.
Opinions and Reactions
Are yours and mine
Not all are drawn from
The same pool of wine
It was confusing at first
When I did not cry
When I did not wonder
Or point fingers up high
But learning to see
In the dark is rewarding
I can now feel the screams
And trace the fingers all pointing
I still would not begin
To assume I understand
So many colors
And So many hands
But instead of stumbling
Through in the dark
I now see the shadows
Of my struggling comrades
Perhaps it’s simpler
To walk your straight line
Perhaps it’s easier
To sip on your wine
But how can I go back to seeing black and white
When I have seen the colors hidden in plain sight.

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