I play guitar, electric bass, my vocal chords and drums to varying degrees of proficiency. Here is a compilation of my different musical pursuits.

Original Music and Audio Visual Experiment:

(Visuals generated using Deep Dream, Codes and other info provided in the video desription)

Original Music (Performed at various open mics)

And here are some covers performed at different events and competitions.

Playing the Bass here with the incredible PhD musicians from Stanford.

1st place at different vocal competitions during my undergrad. (The Grinch song is one of the most fun songs to perform because of all the voice modulations done by Jim Carrey in the original).

Here are some videos from my time with Stanford Raagapella (2014 – 2015) where I sang baritone/bass and sometimes sang the solos.

Here is me playing drums and singing for my hostel music group during my undergrad Western Music Competition (2012) where I won best vocalist. (Songs covered in this recording – Motorhead – The Game, Flipsyde – Someday, Bullet for my Valentine, Kasabian – thick as thieves and GnR – Knocking on heavens door.

Here is an animated short created by the super talented Mayukh (link to his work) to which I have provided the music. (a work in progress version)

I am working on producing my original songs into a couple of EPs. Until then this is all I can share online.

Thank you for peaking into my music interests.