Recreating The Past – Computer Arts

In Fall 2019, I took a class called Recreating the Past with Zach Lieberman. This class had a unique approach to teaching computer art techniques through the lenses of artists from the past.

Some of the artists we studied are Vera Molnar, John Whitney, Muriel Cooper, Bridhit Riley, Lillian Schwartz, Myron Krueger etc.

Here are some of the pieces I made inspired by the work od these artists:

In these recent months I have also been thinking a lot about life within the constraints of rectangles, both in our physical life with the shape of objects but also within the software world. Inspired by ideas beyond resolution by artist Rosa Menkman, I created this alternate view of my video call (zoom) daily life.

Here is a snapshot from the video calls where every window is no longer a static rectangle but mapped onto any random shape dynamically changing / moving.

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