Cyclone – a performance (PD instrument and P5js visualization)

I created this when my mind was trapped in my hometown of Odisha which faced the strongest cyclone in 20 years on May 2019.

All sounds are generated using simple math functions – noise, random generators and a combination of oscillators and filters. The sound is created through a Pure Data patch that I was inspired from a couple of cyclone patches on the PD community website.






I created a layout to control the parameters of the cyclone generator using Touch OSC.

So this is what my phone looked like as I performed the Cyclone patch.






I also took a picture from my hometown Puri (clicked and circulated on the news, during the cyclone), and I manipulated it to have its pixels fly away in a direction of the wind as I perform the cyclone patch in the background. This was done using simple pixel manipulation in p5js.


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